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starD7 website – www.district7boston.com

This will be a one-stop location for everything D7. Resources, Information, Services & Employment (RISE). This site will not be attached to a personal individual but rather a true community site built for your benefit and participation.
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starD7 Monthly Community meetings

These will take place a rotating locations throughout district. We will discuss: What we are working on. How you can get involved. Reports/Updates from community members/groups. Stay informed. These monthly meeting will culminate into Quarterly conferences and an Annual convention.
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starD7 Neighborhood Group Network

Create a communications network which will share information from the neighborhood associations within D7.
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starD7 Food Network

Promote the existing sources of Food within D7 including Farmers Markets, Fair Foods, The Food Project, Greater Boston Food Bank, etc.
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starD7 Domestic Violence Network

Promote the existing resources available to women who are dealing with domestic violence issues including law enforcement, shelters, counseling, child care and more.
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star“So Fresh, So Clean” – Community Clean Up

Launched in 2012 we will continue our neighborhood clean-up efforts in conjunction with Boston Shines.
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star“Can You Dig It?” – Senior/Youth shoveling program

Establish a program matching seniors who cannot shovel with community youth who are willing and able.
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starD7 Community Councils

As your D7 City Councillor I will organize councils made up of the best & brightest of our community to provide unique insights and problem solving to D7 issues.

– Senior/Elder Council
– Youth Council
– Disabled Council
– Merchants/Business Council

Council of Experts:

1) Education 2) Economy 3) Health 4) Public Safety 5) Domestic Violence
6) Substance Abuse, Addiction, Recovery 7) Legal/Criminal Justice
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starD7 Community Liaisons

– Latino
– Haitian
– Cape Verdean
– African
– Asian
– Faith-Based

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