supreme allah

Supreme Understanding Allah – Author, Lecturer

“We know of his work ethic and his values, and we support him because – unlike so many others – we know he cannot be bought out, influenced, or pressured into making decisions that go against the interests of the people he represents.”
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Bill Owens

Sen. Bill Owens – Organizer, Community Icon

“Jamarhl Crawford serves his community in a different way than most people that I know. He serves every day of his life as unbought, unbossed and unafraid. In his life, people in the community come first. People come before any party or politics.”
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Doris Bunte

Mrs. Doris Bunte, Organizer, Community Icon

“Jamarhl, is a sincere, honest and proven leader in the community. On rare occasions a Candidate will present him or her self that we can trust to make sure our voices are heard. On even fewer occasions, we have the opportunity to support a candidate who already works in and for his community on a regular basis. The voters of City Council District 7 will have the opportunity to elect such a person on November 5th.”
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Mel King

Mel King – Organizer, Community Icon

“This is a letter for Jamarhl Crawford and his campaign for City Council. I want to offer my appreciation for your campaign. I believe that it will bring much awareness to the district and city about the issues that need addressing.”
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On and On

DJ On & On – DJ, Radio Personality

” I am proud to call Jamarhl a friend. I have seen this man mobilize rallies, fight for parental rights, feed the hungry, promote literacy, spar with right wing radio hosts, and help people find jobs. Again, and again, and again. Selflessly, when the cameras aren’t rolling, and nobody is watching, Jamarhl has proven that he tirelessly cares about his community and city.”
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