P.R.I.M.E. Directive

Prevention | Re-Entry | Intervention | Mentoring | Employment
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starBoston Police Kiosks

Based on identified hot spots, the proposed kiosks could be permanent installations such as Downtown Crossing, or more cost-effective and efficient, mobile kiosks from re-purposed construction trailers. We can ask developers who do business in the city of Boston and enjoy various perks to give back to the community by providing trailers to the BPD which can serve not only as crime prevention and response units but can also provide community services like paying tickets and information centers. As impact is made and hot spots change these trailers can easily and cheaply be moved to a new location in need.
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starCivilian Review Board & CO-OP

Mayor Menino established the Community Ombudsman Oversight Panel (CO-OP) in 2008 in response to community cries for a civilian review board to oversee the BPD. The CO-OP is made up of legal and criminal justice professionals and does not reflect everyday citizens. I propose that the CO-OP is strengthened, given the powers of subpoena and independent investigations and in addition to the CO-OP, I also propose the formation of a true Civilian Review Board made up of interested community members from all walks of life, which will work in tandem with the CO-OP.
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starDiversity in the BPD (also listed under employment)

I contend that more diversity in the BPD would also translate to better relations with the community and serve to solicit more witnesses, solve more crimes, help curb violence and stem police brutality.
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starD7 Gang Summit – Impact players

Using the available listing compiled by the Boston Police Dept. of the so-called “Impact Players” I will conduct a series of forums bringing in qualified individuals & organizations, services & resources “Hood” by “Hood” culminating in a final Gang Summit to pre-empt predictable summer violence.
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Hot Spots Outreachstar

Asking the BPD to release its list of designated so-called “Hotspots” for a targeted outreach in conjunction with the outreach to impact players. These hot spots should be used to deploy city services and resources not only to the people who are caught up in cycles of violence but the neighborhoods where many people feel under siege.

starCommunity Service – Diversion Program

I will push to ensure people do community service in the areas that they live and where the crime was committed as safety permits. People assigned to community service will serve agencies in the area and be mandated to go through a community engagements session.
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starD7 Prisoner Network

My office will maintain contact with a network of those currently held within County Jails and State Prisons. The reason for this network is two-fold 1) To benefit the community by harnessing the power of those currently incarcerated and get their ideas and support in stopping violence and street beefs. 2) To benefit the individual by making sure he/she is receiving services inside and upon release has the proper support system to combat recidivism, as well as to monitor conditions in the state run facilities. In all fairness I would like to tell you that this is a district 7 specific plan however no one will be turned away.
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Gun Tracking – Where Did The Gun Come From?star

Every gun that is taken off the streets of Boston should be recorded in a public database that catalogs the make and model of the gun, including caliber of the gun as well as ammunition. This data needs to be made available so we can determine if there are trends in which guns are being used more which could lead to legal actions to encourage gun manufacturers to take further responsibility.

Dudley Station Clean Upstar

I will make sure that Dudley Station gets the same treatment as Cleary Square in Hyde Park.  I will work to end the public drinking and open drug use by providing services or law enforcement as needed. I will put an end to using Dudley Station as the drop off point for area shelters and drug rehabs by proposing other drop off locations such as West Roxbury, Hyde Park and City Hall and when the uproar begins over those suggestions it will highlight the differential treatment Roxbury receives.  The fact that Dudley is a major transportation hub and the gateway to Roxbury, in addition to the presence of the new $13 million dollar B-2 station, 3 Banks, Senior facility, multiple businesses and during school is a pass through point of the mass exodus of Madison students make the condition of Dudley Sq. completely unacceptable.