Here are some words about OUR campaign from some people you may know:

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Mel King Mel King – Organizer, Community Icon

“This is a letter for Jamarhl Crawford and his campaign for City Council. I want to offer my appreciation for your campaign. I believe that it will bring much awareness to the district and city about the issues that need addressing. I’m very impressed with the fact that you have moved to do something that I think is the most crucial aspect of a democracy in developing tools for information that are straightforward and comes out of the community itself. The biggest issues you have taken on are the dis and mis information that we are fed. You have done such an incredible job in moving us in that direction with limited resources. I can see real benefits in the kind of role that your campaign can play with the opportunity to bring to the debate about the needs of the community and solutions that will give people a chance to take the steps to improve the quality of theirs and the communities well being. Your presence in the campaign I believe is a win for the city.”

Doris Bunte Mrs. Doris Bunte Former BHA Director, Former State Representative

“I, Doris Bunte, endorse the candidacy of Mr. Jamarhl Crawford for District 7 Boston City Council. I don’t often endorse Candidates for office, in districts where I am not a voter. However, I am pleased to make an exception by endorsing Jamarhl Crawford. Jamarhl, is a sincere, honest and proven leader in the community. On rare occasions a Candidate will present him or her self that we can trust to make sure our voices are heard. On even fewer occasions, we have the opportunity to support a candidate who already works in and for his community on a regular basis. The voters of City Council District 7 will have the opportunity to elect such a person on November 5th. Jamarhl Crawford is running for the Boston City Council, District 7 seat, on a Sticker Campaign. TAKE THE EXTRA STEP, APPLY THE STICKER, AND ELECT THE BEST CANDIDATE.”

Bill Owens Sen. Bill Owens – Organizer, Community Icon

“Jamarhl Crawford serves his community in a different way than most people that I know. He serves every day of his life as unbought, unbossed and unafraid. In his life, people in the community come first. People come before any party or politics. Jamarhl believes what my father expressed to me many years ago that there are two kinds of people: Those that live within the parameters that others draw for them and the others who draw the parameters. Jamarhl draws the parameters. I believe in him and I trust him. In his quest for City Council of District 7, he is one of a kind and I believe he will have every success.”

Don Muhammad Min. Don Muhammad Mosque #11 Nation of Islam Roxbury

“Jamarhl has my support. This young man I have known him for a while and he’s very bright. This Brother has his thoughts and his goals and his desires together. Jamarhl is the man to handle this business.”

Bishop Texeira Bishop Filipe Teixeira OFSJC, Clergy/Community Activist

“I am so honored to know my friend and Brother Jamarhl Crawford for many years. He is a brother who deeply cares and loves his Community without any special interests. Brother Jamarhl is a leader without any egocentric ideas. He does everything from his heart. I totally support his candidacy for City Councillor. Let us elect our Brother to Boston City Councillor!!! It is a win for us as people of color if you elect our brother… He listens and he works hard. He would be a great leader for us.”

Ron Odom Ronald D. Odom Sr. True Vine Church

“Jamarhl Crawford is the heartbeat of District 7. Placed in the right position as City Council, he will find its pulse and reestablish a regular beat for the people in District 7. “

Larry Ellison Larry Ellison – Police Detective

“My name is Larry Ellison and I am a twenty eight year veteran in law enforcement. I have known Jamarhl Crawford for several years and have gotten to know him quite well. I am writing this letter in support of his candidacy for City Council for District 7. Jamarhl has been very active in that community and out front on important issues, such as public safety, education and affordable housing just to name a few. It’s time you allow him to take that voice and energy to City Hall on your behalf. So today, I enthusiastically place my support behind him as you should for Councilor of District 7. Let your voice be heard echoing in the council chambers at City Hall.”