D7 Hotline

I will maintain a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week District 7 Hotline for constituents of the community regardless of whether they are voters or not.

This hotline will facilitate communication between constituents and the District 7 office. This will enable me to directly respond to concerns as they may come up.  An incident of violence at midnight, a fire at 3 am, a family with no heat at 5am, a senior who needs their walk shovelled at 10am or a family who has no food on the table at 6pm.

I believe in accessibility, direct accountability and problem solving. This number will always be maintained by myself or staff and will be a direct connect link for any and all constituent needs large or small. This will be in addition to the office phone and my own personal phone. Best of all it won’t cost the taxpayers a dime. It’s all free thanks to Google Voice and is a great example of using free technology to enhance services. Improvements don’t have to cost money there are some simple and free things that we can do to enhance and improve our service. You won’t have to wait either… this hotline will be available on my 1st Day in office.

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