Diversity-City of Boston

As your District 7 City Councillor, I will work not only to ensure fairness and equity within District 7, but also furthermore work to increase diversity in City employment and activities as a whole. As a young African-American man growing up in Boston I never really felt welcome in every corner of our city. My experiences in City Hall underscore this dual reality almost like a tale of two cities. It would be my mission to make sure that the employees of the City of Boston are more reflective of the population of Boston. I will work to make sure that Boston City Hall is a place where you are just as likely to hear African Drums or Bachata or Koompa as you are to hear bag pipes or opera.

As with all of the ideas I present to you, this is nothing new for me. The issue of diversity in Th City of Boston Departments has been one that I, along with my team of young adults brought to the surface through the Blackstonian.

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