On and On

DJ On & On – DJ, Radio Personality

” I am proud to call Jamarhl a friend. I have seen this man mobilize rallies, fight for parental rights, feed the hungry, promote literacy, spar with right wing radio hosts, and help people find jobs. Again, and again, and again. Selflessly, when the cameras aren’t rolling, and nobody is watching, Jamarhl has proven that he tirelessly cares about his community and city.”
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larry ellison

Larry Ellison – Police Detective

“Jamarhl has been very active in that community and out front on important issues, such as public safety, education and affordable housing just to name a few.”
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Runoko Rashidi

Dr. Runoko Rashidi – Historian, Scholar

“Rarely have I been as impressed with such a dedicated and consistent warrior for his community. His hard work ethnic and his integrity won me over immediately. This is man born for service.”
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