BFD diversity

I have been a longtime supporter of the Boston Vulcans. The Boston Vulcans is an organization comprised of fire fighters of color. I count many of their members among my friends, some I have known since childhood. The Boston Vulcans have long advocated for diversity in the BFD in terms of testing, hiring, firing, discipline and promotions.

As in many departments in Boston the BFD is operating in 2013 with an antiquated method. Preferences in hiring do nothing to address the disparities that African-Americans and Latinos face who do not have the benefit of family members who may have veteran status.

As in all city departments, it is my intention to investigate, support the efforts of those who are organizing for equity, propose solutions and deliver results.

For the residents of my District I would ensure that all are informed of upcoming testing dates for the civil service exam and work to increase qualified and diverse applicants to the BFD.

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