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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Candidate launches www.District7Boston.com as link to services
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(Boston, MA) – Current District 7 Boston City Council candidate Jamarhl Crawford recently announced the launch of an online source of services and resources for city residents at District7Boston.com. The launch was announced live on local radio station Touch 106.1 FM during “The Morning Show” hosted by broadcast veteran Jimmy Myers and his co-host Sunshine. The website’s release represents a first of its kind effort as a tangible benefit for citizens which reaches beyond the campaign. Crawford has used available technology displaying a tech-savvy and social-media friendly approach that he is confident will take root with youth, young professionals and service providers.

“Through our community newspaper, Blackstonian.com, I constantly receive requests from people who are in need of services. You name it. Whether health care, food, housing, youth resources and more, my community is in need of assistance. The most rewarding benefit of helping people is when you can help them to help themselves by providing them with information. I created District7Boston.com as a one stop spot for residents of District 7 and beyond to find the resources they need.”
– Jamarhl Crawford Publisher/Editor Blackstonian.com, Boston City Council District 7 Candidate

Crawford asserts that this type of thinking outside the box and use of innovation before even taking office is what sets him apart from other candidates and notes that “even the Mayoral” candidates have not embarked on similar endeavors to engage the citizens, residents and voters of the city. Crawford has set up the infrastructure to attract ‘community users’ made up of local organizations and neighborhood associations who can create their own accounts and add information to the listings.

The District7Boston.com site is operating separately from the campaign in a move that Crawford says is a continuance of a long track record of service to the community. Crawford states, “I wanted to separate it for the reason that I thought it would be good to provide a platform outside of the campaign. If you want info on my candidacy there’s JamarhlCrawford.com, but if you just need to identify services I thought it was more fitting to expand what we’ve been doing with its own dedicated site, separate from my campaign as well as the Blackstonian.” The site has only been live for a month and is already receiving enthusiastic support and positive feedback from community members who find it valuable, convenient and sorely needed.



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