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What We Have Done & Why You Must Vote Jamarhl

ELECTION DAY IS TOMORROW Let me help you make your decision and inform others Below is a list of links that can take you to all the information you need. Share these things, tweet them, email them. Show them to your family that may not be in the internet. We know that your grandmother probably […]

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Endorsement from Boston Weekly Dig: Can You Dig It?

“Dudley Square and Grove Hall areas need more than just a dedicated and beloved servant–they need someone willing to form massive and aggressive coalitions that will descend on City Hall like a mob. Longtime outspoken activist Jamarhl Crawford has proven he can apply such pressure. We recommend him for Roxbury”
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At Roxbury forum Jackson, Crawford, Owens offer their visions for District 7 – Boston Globe

“We’re in a very critical time in our community,” Crawford told the crowd of more than 100.
“We’re doing the worst out of all the neighborhoods, we’re in most need of services, and we get the least,” said Crawford.
“My track record of service and my tangible results [sets me apart],” said Crawford. “I’m an activist and an organizer, not a politician.”