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District 7 Is The Most Critical Race In The City

I’m not just saying that because I’m running.

If you take a map of the murders and violence that occurs in our city and overlay it with a map of the City Council Districts you will see that District 7 is ground zero. Not only is D7 the epicenter of violence in the city, but we also have one of the most diverse populations comprised of youth to elders, workers, business & home owners, tenants, students and immigrants representing every culture, language and religion you can imagine. At the same time this kaleidoscopic community is suffering the most from violence, unemployment, poverty and health disparities from Asthma to AIDS, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, obesity, mental health and more. In education, D7 is home to many of the under-performing as well as turn around schools. Happening all around us is the race to gobble up land in Roxbury which contains some of the last and most coveted parcels and plots for development in Boston.

In spite of the fact that we need the most, our community continually receives the least and in addition I would submit that the representation we have currently has not advocated effectively on behalf of the community. The media by and large is making a critical albeit predictable mistake. By focusing only on the Mayoral race you are missing out on the story of the year with a people’s campaign that has pulled of some major feats. I have been at the front lines of multiple efforts as an activist and now as a candidate, who through the Blackstonian has managed to expose Dan Conley, shine a light on Ed Davis and change the dialogue of the entire Mayoral race with our number of shootings since the Boston Marathon even garnering national attention via the NY Times. The shooting count stands currently at 154 if any one cares to know. At the same time I have led our team in feeding over 600 people since campaign launch, all the while running as a write-in/sticker candidate who has undeniably connected with the hearts and minds of the people.

We have erected a grassroots campaign HQ in a construction trailer on an empty lot. We have cleaned and beautified the area but also we have called 911 three times in 48 hours due to two separate medical emergencies and a shooting behind the trailer leaving two victims on Georgia & Hartwell St. These shots were heard inside my campaign trailer while meeting with two people, both of whom individually have lost love ones to violence. One of those two women ended up being a relative of the shooting victim of the very shots she heard.

District 7 is the most critical race in the city. I am running to bring a strong voice and fierce advocacy to Boston City Council. I have earned the support of Mel King, Bill Owens, Dianne Wilkerson, Doris Bunte, Min. Don Muhammad, Bishop Felipe Texeira, Pastor Bruce Wall, Rev. Ron Odom, Will Dorcena, Larry Ellison (Police Detective), Billy Celester (CUPAC), Salih Rowe (Fire Fighter), The Weekly Dig and a slew of local artists, activists, residents, parents, youth and more. National endorsements have come from an eclectic variety of figures incuding; Chokwe Lumumba, Mayor of Jackson, MS, Fred Hampton, jr., Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets, and more.

Jamarhl Crawford
Write-In / Sticker Candidate
Boston City Council District 7