Video: Jamarhl on Callie Crossley Show 5.8.2012

A Divergent Occupation begins at 42 minute mark On May Day, the nationwide Occupy movement launched a day-long protest to raise awareness and re-establish the Occupy voice in ongoing political discussion. Occupy Boston had its own simpatico protest at the Bank of America building in Boston’s Financial District. But, the proceedings were missing a core […]

Basic Black 11.14.11

Video: Jamarhl on Basic Black 11.4.2011

Video: Jamarhl on Basic Black Nov. 4, 2011 Basic Black: Occupy The Hood and Redistricting (Originally broadcast November 4, 2011) This week on Basic Black we take a look at recent local headlines. We start with Occupy The Hood: what makes it different than the larger Occupy Movement? Later in the show we turn our […]

Video: Jamarhl on Callie Crossley Show 10.24.2011

Mon., Oct. 24, 2011 The Occupiers- Occupy Boston and Occupy the Hood We look at what’s going on locally with the Occupy Boston movement with Stephen Squibb, a volunteer with Occupy Boston. We’ll also talk with Roxbury activist Jamarhl Crawford about Occupy the Hood- which held its first rally in Dudley Square in Roxbury on […]

Basic Black 5.27.11

Video: Jamarhl on Basic Black 5.27.2011

Basic Black Live: The Link Between Poverty and Crime; Criticizing Obama (Originally broadcast May 27, 2011) Is there a link between poverty and prison? Also, criticism of President Obama comes from unexpected quarters, prompting the question, “How should people of color hold President Obama accountable?” In our online conversation after the broadcast, we discuss the […]

Greater Boston 4.25.2011

Video: Jamarhl on Greater Boston w/Emily Rooney 4.25.2011

Video: Jamarhl on Greater Boston w/Emily Rooney 4.25.2011 Apr. 25, 2011: A controversial flier on police brutality Was it research, or an excuse to gang up on police? The Boston Herald’s Michele McPhee and Jamarhl Crawford of the Boston Black Men’s Leadership Group join Emily to talk about a controversial flier distributed at Suffolk University.

Greater Boston 7.12.2010

Video: Jamarhl on Greater Boston w/Emily Rooney 7.12.2010

July 12, 2010: Jesse Jackson’s “slavery” comments The Reverend Jesse Jackson lashed out at the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers for his harsh criticism of Lebron James. Jackson said Dan Gilbert was treating the Miami-bound James like a “runaway slave” and claimed Gilbert’s feelings personify a “slave-master mentality.”