A Divergent Occupation begins at 42 minute mark

On May Day, the nationwide Occupy movement launched a day-long protest to raise awareness and re-establish the Occupy voice in ongoing political discussion. Occupy Boston had its own simpatico protest at the Bank of America building in Boston’s Financial District. But, the proceedings were missing a core voice: the Boston chapter of Occupy the Hood. Occupy the Hood was established to more fully represent people of color in the Occupy movement. Jamarhl Crawford, the group’s Boston leader, pulled out of Occupy Boston late last fall, citing a widening ideological chasm. Today he offers a critique of Occupy Boston, and updates us on Occupy the Hood’s agenda.

Jamarhl Crawford, editor and publisher of Blackstonian, and the leader of Boston’s Occupy the Hood movement.

A Divergent Occupation begins at 42 minute mark

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