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“As a 37 year old man of color who grew up in Boston, I have always had a pessimistic view of Boston politics/politicians. I’ve been turned off by the “old boy” network of representatives who speak a good game, but minimally deliver reform and change that benefits their constituents.

Upon learning of Jamarhl Crawford’s campaign for Boston District 7 Council, I’m happy to say my perception of self serving talking heads running for office has changed.

My first encounter with Jamarhl occurred years ago, when I was slated to host a show during Black History Month. The promoter put a picture of Malcolm X on the flyer, and billed it as a Black History Month Show. I received a call from Jamarhl, who expressed his concern for how the event was being presented. At first I thought, “Why is this zealot contacting a DJ about some harmless rap show?” 45 minutes later, I understood why Jamarhl had reservations about a white promoter producing a Black History Month show in the North End, depicting Malcolm X, with no proceeds of the show going to Malcolm’s family, or Black organizations in the city. At the end of our back-and-forth, I hung up the phone with the understanding that Jamarhl is a man with a brilliant mind, passionate about his community, and how it is depicted.

Years later, I am proud to call Jamarhl a friend. I have seen this man mobilize rallies, fight for parental rights, feed the hungry, promote literacy, spar with right wing radio hosts, and help people find jobs. Again, and again, and again. Selflessly, when the cameras aren’t rolling, and nobody is watching, Jamarhl has proven that he tirelessly cares about his community and city.

Boston is a dangerous landscape for teens of color. Gun violence persists without solutions from City Hall, and our children are testing poorly in comparison to their counterparts in other parts of the city. As a father of two boys, I don’t need a politician with an expensive suit and million dollar smile to speak for me and my kids. I need someone like Jamarhl, who truly understands the perspective of the people in his back yard. People that I have witnessed him arduously assist, eloquently speak on behalf of, and fight for.

Jamarhl is Roxbury. Jamarhl is me and you. Let’s change the endless tide of politicians with nothing more than a handshake and smile to offer a community in need. Jamarhl is a DOER.

I ask that you research him. Arrive at your own conclusions. I challenge you to find a candidate more in tune to the specific needs District 7 demands.

A vote for Jamarhl Crawford is a vote for the advancement of your quality of life in Boston.”