Fred Hampton Jr.
– Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. POCC/BPPC
The Prisoners of Conscience Committee/Black Panther Party Cubs

“Although it may be understood, being that there are no foregone conclusions, I shall premise my position that by no means do I feel that electoral politics will serve as any sort of a panacea for the detrimental conditions that plague our community. However, we acknowledge the importance of utilizing various tactics to expose various contradictions within our communities. And I stress that we use the tactics as opposed to the tactics using us. As an international servant of the people. I/We emphasize the importance of respecting not only the fight for self-determination in general. But that of when going to respective locales, ie; New Orleans, LA, Detroit, MI, New York, NY, Sao Palo, Brazil, and yes, Boston, MA. We have been fortunate to come into contact with various forces on the ground engaging and working within the community, not only when it is ‘politically correct’ to do so. Jamarhl Crawford has literally jumped down in what we refer to as the code of culture. Winning artists to some point of unity with addressing the conditions within the communities to that of recognizing the rampant police terrorism that Boston in particular has been/is subjected to. He has done this before and it should be expected that it will continue after the election for City Council for District 7. Jamarhl Crawford has been and is in District 7.”