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Thursday, September 5, 2013



Partners With Local Hip-Hop Pioneers and Youth Workers
To Launch Anti-Violence Initiative As Peace Incentive

(Boston, MA) – Current Candidate for District 7 Boston City Council Jamarhl Crawford has announced an unique and ambitious initiative to incentivize peace and promote anti-violence. Crawford, himself a Hip-Hop and Spoken Word Poetry artist sealed a multi-national distribution deal with long-time friend and former Boston resident Jamieson Grillo, CEO of RedLine Music Distribution and wanted to create a mechanism for more than just his own music. Crawford came up with a creative concept to provide opportunities to youth to allow them to express themselves positively.

“I reached out to power players in the Boston Hip-Hop community and people who I trust and respect the work they have done to support our local music scene as well as youth struggling with violence and trauma.”
– Jamarhl Crawford Publisher/Editor Blackstonian.com, Boston City Council District 7 Candidate

Crawford has secured the support of Rusti Pendleton aka Mr. Funky Fresh, local Hip-Hop Pioneer, former owner of iconic record store “Funky Fresh Records,” Touch 106.1 FM DJ, and most importantly Community Youth Worker who is in the streets on a daily basis dealing with issues of violence and serving youth. In addition to “Mr. Funky Fresh” Crawford has also received the support of Cindy Diggs aka Mother Hip-Hop who is a longtime Hip-Hop Pioneer who founded UMMF (Us Making Moves Forever), has served as the Chairman of the Boston Zulu Nation and is also the brains behind the Peace Boston Movement.

The program itself will offer distribution deals for High School Students who in order to participate in the program will have to use their own talents and creativity to produce the music and Crawford will distribute it through a multi-national network from which they will get paid from sales. In order to be eligible for the program students whether solo-artists or groups will be required to maintain at least a “C” average and sign a pledge that they will refrain from violence, crime and drugs. Students will also be required to gain parental permission and maintain positive lyrics, images and themes.

“I think that we can provide an opportunity for our youth to use their talents and with hard work earn money from their music and at the same time promote peace and provide an incentive for youth to do well in school and refrain from negative lifestyle choices which can have long term effects.”
– Jamarhl Crawford Publisher/Editor Blackstonian.com, Boston City Council District 7 Candidate