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Sunday, September 1, 2013



Crawford Opens A Community Dialogue Using Free Technology

(Boston, MA) – Candidate for District 7 Boston City Council Jamarhl Crawford has initiated a community dialogue using free web technology from FreeConferenceCall.com to facilitate and open and honest discussion. Scheduled every Sunday from 7pm – 8pm interested parties simply call in to 661-673-8600 and enter access code 929747# to participate in what Crawford call “Jamarhl’s Conference Calls” and expects will be “engaging, in-depth, real” conversations. The use of easily available free technology via the internet is another creative and no-cost approach from the campaign that Crawford is confident will resonate with residents and voters.

“Many people right now are feeling isolated and feel like they have no voice and are being locked outside of the process. The fact that we are at a time where there is so much free technology available to us via the internet that can not only simplify our lives but can also be used to facilitate conversations and increase community participation. Its almost unbelievable that others haven’t used this very simple yet effective tool to organize. I am constantly looking for ways to bring more people in and be able to discuss our ideas and our ideals. It is from these type of conversations that we identify our common goals, formulate an agenda and move towards tangible results.”
– Jamarhl Crawford Publisher/Editor Blackstonian.com, Boston City Council District 7 Candidate

Crawford realizes that he “is not exactly splitting the atom” and points to his long-time use of free conference call services as a tried and true method that he has relied on for years in coordinating national, regional and local organizational efforts. The campaign has dedicated the two hour Sunday slot to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to ask questions, express concerns and propose solutions to collective community issues.

The Sunday Conference Calls are open to concerned citizens from the general public as well as media.



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