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Supreme Understanding Allah – Author, Lecturer

“Jamarhl isn’t just the best candidate for this position, he’s one of the best candidates you’ll find anywhere in the country today. It’s not merely his political experience but the unquestionable integrity of his character and commitment that garners him support from people both within the city as well as those, like me, who are far outside of Boston. We know of his work ethic and his values, and we support him because – unlike so many others – we know he cannot be bought out, influenced, or pressured into making decisions that go against the interests of the people he represents. In today’s political environment, this is what you want in a candidate. I support Jamarhl Crawford in this election and every one that will follow.”

Supreme Understanding Allah is the Author of over 20 books, including:

How To Hustle & Win part I & II
The Hood Health Handbook vol. I & II
The Science of Self
Knowledge of Self
Rap, Race and Revolution
Locked Up, But Not Locked Down
When The World Was Black
365 Days Of Real Black History

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