crawford d7 flyer

On Tuesday September 24th, Boston was abuzz with Election Day fever as 12 candidates for Mayor and dozens of candidates for At-Large and District Council seats battled until the last ballot for their place in City Hall.  While the majority of attention was focused on the Mayor and At-Large races a strange thing happened here in District 7.  This little grass-roots upstart campaign for Jamarhl Crawford as a write-in/sticker candidate for District 7 resonated with people within the district.  Despite my repeated attempts to inform people that there would be no space on the preliminary ballot for District 7 and that my time would not come until Tuesday November 5th and despite the fact that we had no stickers, people still wrote in Jamarhl Crawford.  21 ever-faithful people from Wards 9, 11, 12 and 19 within District 7 wrote me in for At-Large City Council! Only 42,894 more votes and I would have knocked Ayanna Pressley out of the box!

Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the Official Election Results from The City of Boston Election Department

Seriously, what this indicates is a vote of confidence for OUR campaign. This sends a message that people are ready for a change. This says that voters chose to write in my name as one of their 4 choices for At-Large Councillor, an office I’m not even running for.  The residents of District 7 want to see change and want to see someone who will organize and fight for their issues. These 21 votes indicate that our message has already taken hold in our community and on November 5th we will multiply that 21 by the hundreds.