Jacob Leidolf
Artist / Designer – PoliticalPirates.com
Co-Founder / Designer – Scope Urban Apparel
Activist – Voices Of Liberation
Educator – Fenway High School

I have had the privilege of working with Jamarhl Crawford since I was 17 years old on everything from design for websites and media, like the Blackstonian and countless other resources, events and actions of every kind and programs and campaigns to address issues ranging from violence to hunger, police brutality to legislation and policy. At first glance we may seem like unlikely allies but we have been a formidable team because of not in spite of our differences. As a young man who has benefited from the support and mentorship of Jamarhl I have always appreciated his honesty, his openness to discuss even the most unpopular topics and his commitment to both empowering and serving people, especially youth. Leadership is something that is developed and nurtured and one of the tests of a leader is their ability to empower the next generation of leaders who will pick up that torch. I hope that as a teacher now at my old high school and as an active member in my community, that I can have the same kind of positive impact on some of the young people I work with as Jamarhl has had on me and my peers.

I fully support his bid for City Council as I have seen him essentially do the job without pay for the seven plus years I have known him, serving the people of this community without tire or fear. He not only has my vote but my work because I know the track record of results we have, even in the relatively short time seven years represents in over two decades of work and service.