Zakiya Alake
-Zakiya Alake
Community Activist
Recovery & Addiction Specialist

“I am compelled to support Jamarhl Crawford’s efforts to improve the health and well-being of Roxbury-Boston City Council District 7. A few weeks ago, I answered his call to join him on Boston City Hall Plaza to both inform the Mayor that he needs to meet and listen to our community re: violence, specifically the 100+ shootings since the “Boston Marathon Bombings” as well as present our strategies to each other re: interrupting violence and waging peace in our community. Well, at one point, this brother became the voice of reason and restraint when I allowed one of Menino’s assistants to push my button. Jamarhl was the calming influence that kept me from catching a case and damaging our objectives. He helped me re-focus and remain directed on our mission. During our rally, Jamarhl presented a number of strong, simple and basic strategies to move our community toward peace. He will be a radical City Councilor-working to resolve the root problems we face and to uplift those at the margins who no one else has reached and motivated to get engaged in community service as he has! Run, Brother Jamarhl, Run! Right On for the Write-In!”