TOP 5 REASONS you should vote for JAMARHL CRAWFORD for District 7 City Councillor on Tuesday, Nov 5th
by: Salih Rowe

1) LOVE: One cannot positively and effectively serve a community/people if one doesn’t respect and love the community/people. One has but only to glance at Jamarhl’s extensive tract record of community activism…and deduce that LOVE is the only fuel of such thankless activity.

2) INTELLIGENCE: This man is a NATIONALLY recognized and respected intellect/ talent. He has held national organization posts and has earned the reverence of international influentials from diverse fields. The speed and precision of which he processes information has been a constant spectacle for me personally…and can only be an asset for the residents of District 7 in devising solutions to our problems.

3) COURAGE: Jamarhl openly challenges proponents of injustice…and they do not like it! They have the power to make his life very difficult…and have utilized their power to that end! Yet, he remains strong, undaunted and committed to his duty of exposing impropriety and working to implement balanced solutions.

4) ACTION: Jamarhl is a different breed. He is not like the majority of us…talkers, whiners and complainers…content to leave tasks up to the next person , yet quick to partake in the desired product. He realizes NOTHING worth having comes easily…especially the deconstruction of the systemic denial of freedom, justice and equality to the dispossessed.

5) IMPROVEMENT: “CHANGE”, which can represent lateral or regressed movement, does not interest our brother. No…Jamarhl works to stimulate EVOLUTION. Precise and immediate evolution. Complacency has no place with him. The issues affecting our community are multi-layered and Jamarhl is the MOST logical choice to rend those layers to extract resolution.