TOP 5 REASONS why some people MAY NOT vote for JAMARHL CRAWFORD for District 7 City Councillor on Tuesday, Nov 5.
By: Salih Rowe

1) FEAR: Jamarhl’s prospective occupation of the District 7 City Council seat represents an END of business as usual. By that I mean…over-compromising capitulating, bent-over leadership in this community is DONE! The ACCOUNTABILITY that comes with the inevitable confrontations that will ensue in that transition SCARES the s**t out of many of us! Some of us will HAPPILY choose to run, hide and cast dispersion. Unfortunately, choosing to not accept the FACT that there are entities within this city that wish to perpetuate injustice IN NO WAY diminishes their actual effectiveness.

2) TALKING…IS COMFORTABLE: Jamarhl is not a “politician”. He is an ACTIVIST. The root word of activist…is ACT. Bloviating will not improve our condition. Fancy slogans and t-shirts will not improve our condition. Appeasing corporate bloodsuckers will not improve our condition. Agitation, action and making power hoarders in the city VERY uncomfortable WILL.

Do we as a community REALLY want an improved quality of life…or are we…comfortable? The latter seems to have taken precedence.

3) WEAKNESS: What does “The Black/Latino Community is not monolithic” REALLY mean? All it means is that there are people within this community who are spineless posers…and their interests coincide with those who wish to KEEP us destitute. Their support sways according to who has the most money, materials and relationships with “influentials”…with the idea that, as long as they get some crumbs, acquiesce is just “part of the game”.

4) ACCOUNTABILITY: Our voting behavior pattern has been…we vote for someone…then we leave it up to them to work miracles. Then, when they don’t fulfill lofty expectations…we TURN on them and say ” See…I TOLD you he/she wasn’t s**t!”

Jamarhl has PROVEN to be our willing champion…and he has the acumen to lay plans of action that will work through our PERMISSIVE WILL. People know that with him…there will be no excuses!

5) IMMATURITY: The people that won’t vote for/ support Jamarhl…either don’t know the brother or are allowing their own self-serving affiliations and personality contention with him dictate what is CLEARLY best for our community. They are willing to allow our social ills to eternize. And Why? Because he doesn’t dance at your party? He doesn’t cow-tow to your sensibilities? He’d rather “Feed The People” than feed himself at the new, en vogue restaurant on The Waterfront?

Grow up! Stand up! Don’t back up!

Vote Jamarhl Crawford on Nov.5th and tell your people to do the same.