Rey Leon

Growing up in Roxbury, there really wasn’t a leadership presence that gravitated my way until one day when I took a stroll through the Boston Common with a friend. Jamarhl Crawford approached us and simply…..spoke. We spoke about social and economical issues that stimulated deep thoughts about my community, peers, and myself.

During this time, he had recently launched the latest issue of the Blackstonian newspaper that addressed issues that I could identify with. Through this alliance, I began to get plugged in with the right people that have played a tremendous role in my life’s journey. Through this simple encounter of the old saying, “Reach one, Teach one”, I went from a boy who constantly engaged in negative attributes to my “hood”, to a man who proudly served honorably for this country and came home to uplift his commUNITY. Thanks Mr. Crawford, your mentorship & friendship is much appreciated.