Lovern Gordon

“When you talk about a man that’s of the people and for the people, Jamarhl Crawford is that guy. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jamarhl for more than a few years and he is what he says he’s about. You want someone in the City Council District 7 seat to be working steadfast toward goals that you know that are attainable and he does just that. Of all the projects that he’s taken on over the years he’s done with a clean heart, an honest vibe, and attainable results as I mentioned. Jamarhl is one of those guys that you really don’t find much of anymore; someone that will go door to door to make things happen for the person that’s down and out. And I have no doubt that once he’s in office that’s the same mentality that he’s going to take with him once there.

I got connected with Jamarhl through the foundation that I run, Love Life Now Foundation, which promotes awareness against domestic violence and you would think with all the other hats that he wears, this would be just be another added thing that might be too much, but he embodies what we talk about when we talk about awareness- bringing more awareness to an epidemic. So again, you want that guy, that type of person to represent you and your city. And I wholeheartedly believe that he’s going to do a fantastic job once you select him as your District 7 City Council.”