Mel King

Mel King – Organizer, Community Icon

“This is a letter for Jamarhl Crawford and his campaign for City Council. I want to offer my appreciation for your campaign. I believe that it will bring much awareness to the district and city about the issues that need addressing.

I’m very impressed with the fact that you have moved to do something that I think is the most crucial aspect of a democracy in developing tools for information that are straightforward and comes out of the community itself.

The biggest issues you have taken on are the dis and mis information that we are fed.  You have done such an incredible job in moving us in that direction with limited resources.  I can see real benefits in the kind of role that your campaign can play with the opportunity to bring to the debate about the needs of the community and solutions that will give people a chance to take the steps to improve the quality of theirs and the communities well being. Your presence in the campaign I believe is a win for the city.”