Campaign Highlights & Updates

So much has happened since I announced my campaign for District 7 Boston City Council.
I wanted to make it easy to keep track of it all, so here are some highlights:

* In the beginning… Aug. 14th Campaign Kick Off
We kicked off our campaign at Frugal Bookstore in Roxbury Mall in order to highlight small, local, family-owned, Black & Woman owned businesses.

* What we do weekly…
Sundays – Conference Calls
Mondays – Coffee with Crawford
Saturdays – Feed The Hood / Fill Your Fridge

We have received some powerful and humbling endorsements and testimonials:

from Local figures:
Mel King (click here)
Doris Bunte (click here)
Sen. Bill Owens (click here)
Min. Don Muhammad (click here)
Larry Ellison (click here)
Pastor Bruce Wall (click here)
Salih Rowe (click here)
Darrin Howell (click here)
Pastor Ron Odom (click here)
Will Dorcena (click here)
Dr. Debbie Chambers (click here)
Stephanie Johnson, United Sisters of Color (click here)
Bishop Filipe Texeira (click here)
Dua Boakye, Bad Rabbits (click here)
DJ On & On (click here)
Zakiya Alake (click here)
Jeff Robinson (click here)

from National figures:
Runoko Rashidi (click here)
Abiodun Oyewole, The Last Poets (click here)
Wise Intelligent, Poor Righteous Teachers (click here)
Supreme Understanding Allah (click here)
Paradise Gray (click here)


* Released the JC for D7 platform to clearly articulate the ideas of the campaign.

Public Safety: Crime, Violence, Policing
Jobs and Employment
Transparency & Accountability
Engagement, Services and Participation (E.S.P.)
Current Projects, Legislation & Policy
Review the platform (click here PDF)

* Launched a Campaign Office in the space next to the Grove Hall post office
in a construction trailer affectionately dubbed The Hood Hub HQ…
we are hosted by my good brother who owns the Roxbury Rotisserrie another small, local, family-owned, Black owned business.
Watch the delivery of the HQ (click here video) |  Get the Grand Tour (click here video)

* Flooded the streets with over 15,000 newspapers about our campaign (click here PDF)

* Feeding people and Filling Fridges before and during the campaign (click here video)

* Offering record deals for high school youth who pledge to refrain from violence & crime while maintaining good grades and attendance (click here)

* Released Campaign Rap Song “I’m Different” to hear the difference (click here)

* How to vote for Jamarhl Crawford as a Write-In / Sticker candidate
Write-In / Sticker Tutorial (video) |  Write-In / Sticker Breakdown (video) |  Write-In / Sticker Explanation (video)


TOP 5 REASONS why YOU SHOULD vote for JAMARHL CRAWFORD for D7 City Councillor on Tue. Nov. 5th

TOP 5 REASONS why SOME MAY NOT vote for JAMARHL CRAWFORD for D7 City Councillor on Tue. Nov. 5th



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