Wise Intelligent
– Wise Intelligent
Hip-Hop Artist, Poor Righteous Teachers

“I have known Jamarhl Crawford for nearly 15 years or more. In my time knowing him Jamarhl has always been a committed, trustworthy friend and brother. Whenever I’ve been to Boston he’s extended himself and his quarters. It was Jamarhl who really introduced me to Boston – his city, its politics, great entertainment and most importantly, its good people. Being a performing artist who tours and travels – in and outside the country, I’ve been blessed with the rare opportunity to meet and develop relationships with a plethora of different countries, backgrounds, occupations, ethnicities and cultures. With that in mind, I can say without a doubt, that Jamarhl “UNO The Prophet” Crawford sits at the top of the list when it comes to genuine, selfless human beings to whom “integrity” still means something.”